GTA San Andreas Armageddon

This particular mod does not bring missions, all radio stations are changed with new songs. All three cities in San Andreas are unlocked.
To activate the passwords, press R1 + L1 2 times Transformation: press L1 + R1 after a bang, press L1 + R1 again Napal: L1 + down Fireball: L1 + up Fight Style Jog: L1 + O Clock pump: Next to a vehicle, press L1 + square Mine: L1 + X Jetpack: R1 + square Kick fireball: R1 + X GOW Blast: R1 + L3 Attack of the Clones: R1 + R2 Meteor Shower: R1 + R3 Car selection: L1 + R2, use L2 or R2 to choose the type of car and O to select Weapon selection: L1 + L2, use L2 or R2 to choose the weapon type and O to select Night vision: R1 + right or left Decrease to game speed: R1 + up or down
Language : English

Playstation 2



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